TCFoto | 2017 GSDC of Reno PM

182 Winter Hawk's Light My Fire for Rockn183 Gracefield's Gunslinger of Mar Haven185 Paragon's Spend Away192 Schatten's Wicked Strong v Sundance194 DCT-Tebe Nobe Hennessy v Norhaus199 Pleasant Hills Crystal Lake v True North201 Rocky Oaks Ranch has a Rockn Rose202 Greenleaf's Spitfire Surgio Cross Timbers203 Rocky Oak's All About Me of Sho-Gun's204 Gracefield Million Dollar Baby v Dream Come True213 Hot Topic of Oh-My214 GCH Winter Hawk's Barking at Rohan215 Ch Sunfarms Akasha of Sunny Bee216 GCH Rosewood's Galileo217 Ch Rosewood's Midas Touch of Kansten218 Ch Scarab Ca-She Kathryn's San Bernardino219 Ch Mar Haven's Ciarra v Sharlen