TCFoto | 2017 GSDC Reno AM

183 Gracefield's Gunslinger of Mar Haven185 Paragon's Spend Away191 Steinhund von Fuenf Bergspitzen193 Shadow Acres & Chopae's Dangerous Liasions194 DCT-Tebe Nobe Hennessy v Norhaus196 She-Rock's Monaco Inquest202 Greenleaf's Spitfire Surgio Cross Timbers204 Gracefield Million Dollar Baby v Dream Come True205 Sogne Fjord's Dancing Barefoot, HT206 BigSky Windvane Black Magic Woman209 Encore Cantar's Santa Fe, TX210 DCT-Tebe Nobe Sweet Thunder v Gracefield211 Asgard's What A Way To Go213 Hot Topic of Oh-My216 GCH Rosewood's Galileo218 Ch Scarab Ca-She Kathryn's San Bernardino219 Ch Mar Haven's Ciarra v Sharlen